Hello there,

My name is Kaycia Sailsman. I have a strong interest in storytelling through video and audio. On this blog, I will be using audio and video to tell stories about myself and other people on topics that suit my interest.  As someone who is self-conscious of her storytelling abilities, this blog will be the place where I #shamelessly post all of my ideas that I keep bottled up.

Aside from storytelling, I will also be including beauty and lifestyle posts as well, simply because they are the easiest to come up with next to a Journalistic piece which can take some time. Also, feel free to check out the published written and audio works that have been published, they’re not recent but your feedback is appreciated.

So you know that I am qualified, this is also another way to use my degree in Journalism to continue all that I have learned from my professors during my four years of college. Please feel free to leave a comment on a post that was your favorite to listen to, read, or watch. Thank you in advance!

person holding white paper and typewriter
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